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Mental Health

Your Relationship with Your Partner

The relationship you have with your partner is important for mental wellbeing. Excellent relationships can enhance mental wellbeing, but poor relationships may lead to stress, anxiety and depression. It is often a difficult subject to raise, but one worth considering for the benefit of both partners. Three simple things that can improve the quality of relationship with your partner are:

Mental Health

Mental Illness or a Mental Health Problem?

Do I have I have a mental Illness or mental health problems? We can have problems with our mental health in the same way we can have problems with our physical health, but I believe calling a serious mental illness 'mental health problems' is wrong! It is belittling to the seriousness of the illness and the complications that sufferers have to endure.


What Does Bipolar Disorder Feel Like To You?

This blog is an descriptive explanation of what bipolar disorder episodes feel like to me. I feel like two completely different people; one of me with a bit of a handle on life, and the other like a space cadet terrorised by my acute senses, hallucinations and my screaming, racing brain. I feel out of control in manic episodes and the depressive episodes leave me numb, lifeless and disconnected from my body ...