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Treating Sleep Deprivation Part 4 – Music Therapy


As I explained previously in this blog series, living with the daily consequences of a sleep disorder is harsh. The sleep disorder causes chronic sleep deprivation as well as a host of cognitive and physical ailments. I also have a Circadian Rhythm Disorder, which makes things worse.

I use a variety of techniques to treat the daytime effects of sleep deprivation and reset my circadian rhythm. I have covered each technique in previous blogs:

Part 1 discussed the use of caffeine
Part 2 discussed Light Therapy
Part 3 discussed the use of Aromatherapy.

This final blog in the series covers how I use the power of music alongside the other techniques to treat the effects of sleep deprivation and improve my mood and concentration.

“Music has healing power. It has the ability to take people outside of themselves for a few hours.” ~ Elton John

Music can stir the soul; it can energise the soul and also arouse emotions. It can create whatever ambience you want to suit your mood at the time using upbeat, downbeat, soothing, thought-provoking or emotion-stirring sound or lyrics. I prefer instrumental music in the mornings. Particular favourites are Medwyn Goodall, Mike Oldfield, Chopin, or Amythestium.

music-791631_640While I am sitting drinking coffee in front of my light therapy lamp inhaling aromatherapy, I listen to one of my favourite artists; I really listen, with my eyes open (or I would fall asleep again!) and pay attention to each instrument. I will listen to all of the notes and rhythms and imagine me playing those instruments. It is a bit like mindfulness music, I suppose. I focus entirely on the music.

I find doing this, stimulates and awakens my concentration. I can manage to maintain this level of focus for about 15 minutes before taking a break and doing something different. I then repeat for another 15 minutes with a different artist.

So, my personal music therapy is stimulating my hearing sense, while the coffee stimulates taste, the light stimulates sight, and the aromatherapy stimulates through smell. By bombarding my brain through all the senses at the same time does help fight the overwhelming symptoms of sleep deprivation.

It’s not perfect; it only keeps me awake for about two and a half hours before I need my morning nap, but at least it helps me stay awake, rather than falling back into bed and giving up!

I hope this series has helped give readers some ideas to try for themselves if they too are suffering from sleep deprivation. Any of these techniques combined help tackle the overwhelming desire to sleep after getting up in the morning!

3 thoughts on “Treating Sleep Deprivation Part 4 – Music Therapy”

  1. Been listening to Godsmack(metal band) for about three weeks now, and yes you are right. Quietness and no one to distract you, it is a real therapy. Music does help.

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