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Don’t Give up The Fight!

I am exhausted today and have been in bed most of the day with my beautiful cat, Charlie. It was a huge day yesterday; my Support Worker took me out. I have been housebound for almost a year due to illness, and I’m only just getting out and about again. My local Community Mental Health Team (CMHT) arranged for a Support Worker to take me out and get used to using busy public transport again.

I am not allowed to drive because of the sleep disorder, so public transport is the only way for me to get around now. I got too anxious on overcrowded buses, so stopped using them. I am getting used to it now, though, having been on a bus to town a few times in the last month.

Yesterday’s trip was to a local college so I could learn the route to get there and pick up a timetable for their art courses. It was a freezing, wet day, so not ideal circumstances for a trip out. We had a fifteen-minute bus ride, followed by a fifteen-minute walk to get there. When we walked back to the bus stop, there was a thirty-five-minute wait for the next bus; I was not impressed! By the time I got home, I was frozen, exhausted and in much need of a nap.

I am still exhausted today and have been using the cold weather as an excuse to stay in bed. I have to find a way to motivate myself to get up, as there are tasks I must complete today. So, using the lyrics from Bob Marley: ‘Get up, Stand up: don’t give up the fight’ I am going to get out of bed now!

Dont Give Up The Fight
Photo Credit: (c) Can Stock Photo

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