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Mental Health

The Difference Between Normal and Bonkers

Photo of a group of people

On the left side of ‘bonkers’ is the illusion of being ‘normal’ and on the right side of ‘bonkers’ the illusion of being ‘not normal.’


Let’s take a moment to think about ‘normal.’ Its definition is: ‘conforming to a standard; usual, typical, expected.’ So when we say ‘normal people’ we mean they are conforming to a standard. Really? Perhaps an army of cloned soldiers might fit this category, or even robots programmed to perform a specific task. But people – normal – really?

I believe people are individualistic and there is no standard. If there were, we would need to hand out a ‘How to Conform Rule Book’ at birth, 13, 18 and 21! Hell, why stop there – perhaps if we want to call people ‘normal’ we should hand out rule books at each age milestone!

Photo of stick figures holding handsImagine being normal; oh dear, that must be SO boring. Who would want to think, react and behave the same as the next person? Who wouldn’t want to choose their own individual standard to follow and be totally unique? Who really wants to be like the next guy and have to do just what they do? I bet nobody does! In reality, so-called normal people all think, react and behave differently from each other. In other words; these normal people are unique individuals.


gymnastics-151825_640Let’s take a moment to think about bonkers. I personally choose to call myself bonkers. Some people prefer to call themselves batty, bananas, nuts, crazy etc. The definition of these words are the same: ‘Quite commonly used words, not slang, used to affectionately describe a state of mind.’ We are not labelling ourselves; we are just light-hearted about ourselves!

Why am I bonkers? I feel I fit this category because my mental illness causes my brain to think, react, behave in a different way to normal people. It makes me unique, as mental illness affects everyone differently and creates their unique personal thinking, reacting and behaviour. So, us bonkers people, are unique individuals.


Er, hang on a minute – didn’t we just establish normal people are unique individuals? So, how can I, as a bonkers person, be different from a normal person, if I am also a unique individual?

The illusion

If every person is a unique individual, is there really a state to call ‘normal’ and a state to call ‘not normal?’ We all have a state of mind that is our own. We all think, react and behave differently from each other; so to be normal is simply an illusion, just as to be not normal, is also an illusion. So, it doesn’t make any sense to tell me “you are not normal” just because I have a mental illness!

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